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I'd like to welcome you to my new blog!

What an exciting time this has been for me, preparing this website, designing it with my sister, Ilenya - Thank you, Ilenya! I couldn't have done it without you! - driving her and the webmaster crazy with all the changes! Still, I love the outcome and couldn't be happier that, after years of wanting one, I finally have my own page! 

I will write as often as I can, but I cannot promise every day! 

As soon as I've figured out the whole site and can navigate it better, I will be posting photos and fun stuff! 

So, stay tuned and keep checking this space.

Thank you for joining me and this fun writing journey!

Take care!


P.S. The photo above is of my writing space. I'm so happy with it!


Jeremy Irons, I will now try to upload two photos of my shoulder...where Jeremy Irons signed it! (Now there's a lovely tattoo on it!) This was on 29th September 2002, at the Herod Atticus Theatre. I know it's not very clear because he had a Biro! I can tell hurt! But was well worth it! :)

 Jeremy Irons1

Jeremy Irons2


First Day of Spring

Wednesday 20th March 2013 and it's the Spring Equinox. What a better way to welome Spring than to start writing again? 

It's exactly what I did! After about three months of being too swamped with moving and fixing our new home, too tired to concentrate on anything other than getting the house ready, I finally picked up the novel I was working on just before the move, Lydia's Letters, and started reading through it, editing, writing. 

Getting back to writing after months of being 'dormant' can be daunting. All sorts of thoughts cross my mind: Will I be able to write again? Has the story left me? Will I be in the mood? The fear that lives with me throughout the months of not writing can be crippling. But, every time I go back to face my writing, I am surprised at just how quickly I become obsessed with my story, how happy I am to see my characters again, the way I would be if I hadn't seen a friend for a long time and we'd finally met for coffee. And I'm amazed at just how real these fictional people are to me. It's a wonderful feeling! 

So, this afternoon, I made myself a cup of Earl Grey tea, I ate a wonderful tarte anglaise that the children had bought from the bakery down the street and I was ready to begin. I sat at my desk, switched on my laptop and started reading through my story, and added bits to it. I even drew out a ground plan of Lydia's house.

And I felt happy. 

I love Spring. And I love writing. 

Tarte Anglaise


21st March - World Poetry Day

In honour of World Poetry Day, I thought I'd post one of my 'things'. As you will see, I cannot really call it a poem. But, it's not really a novel, either, and it sort of captures what I felt that moment. 

So, here it is. I hope you enjoy it


Airport                                          Gatwick Airport, 7th August 2008


people nestle

all their fears

in one big circle

dangle one foot

then the other

feel it spiral

in your belly

one big ball

of Mangle-Tangle

eat a sandwich

eat another

feel it settle

and unsettle

in your belly

like an eagle

flying low

in sweeping circles.


Colours moving

sitting standing

speaking sleeping

all those voices
mixed expanding

hurried choices

money changing

hands, exchanging,

planes departing

later landing

lines are forming

then dispersing

sit down

strap up

keep your legs close

feel a pressure

and it’s lift-off.


Then the void

thin air expanding

smoothly gliding

sounds like humming

near the heavens

clouds become you

you become clouds

Ping! lights flash on

drink your coffee

never ending

ceaseless movement

all this makes me

want to STOP.



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