I'm Back!


Just a brief note to apologise for being absent from the website for almost half a year! (It seems like a very long time when I write it down like that, but in my mind it isn't!) These last six months have been spent doing a lot of yoga, receiving lots of ideas from my muses, having some super wild dreams, as well as contemplating life. I haven't been writing that much on my new novel - Monochrome - (although I've written more than 35,000 on it already), but I have been editing The Perplexing Case of Seraphim Karalis (still doing that, actually), as well as coming up with some new ideas for novels and projects/collaborations...and some ideas are unrelated to writing! So, I'm back, in my own weird way and, hopefully, I will be more active on here, too!

So, thank you for being patient with me.

Take care!


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