(Yes, the final words are hidden, and, No, Aromatherapy has nothing to do with the novel! It's the only book that fitted perfectly!)


It's true! The Man Who Stole Satie is finished!! It’s over 103,600 words, and is made up of 78 musical movements (not chapters!), both in French—of my choosing—and also in English, taken from Erik Satie’s actual musical notations—or as he called them, Performance Indications. I found them in a superb book about the composer by Ornella Volta, Satie: Seen Through His Letters. He was an incredibly fascinating and truly eccentric man and, in my mind, greatly misunderstood. I will, at some point, write up a blog entry about him.

But, coming back to my novel…the end has taken me by surprise. No, that’s not quite right…this whole novel has surprised me more than any of the others. It has flowed easily and, although, this has not been the one that took the shortest time to write (The Perplexing Case of Seraphim Karalis was completed in 6 months, and this one in 8), it has, nonetheless, felt like I’ve been guided all the way through it by some unseen force! Information appeared just when I needed it, books, documentaries, paintings…you name it, I found it at precisely the right time! In fact, there were moments when it was a little uncanny how clues popped up, helping me along! I have no idea why that is…and I’m not even going to try to understand it. All I want to say is how grateful I am!

So, in honour of this big moment (for me), I am going to enjoy my, by now, customary black Greek beer, and take a BIG breath of relief! Aaaah!


The first draft of the novel is done!

Here’s to the next novel…whatever that may be!


À bientôt!


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