This is a very emotional moment for me! I have finally done it! After almost a whole decade of writing it, and even longer since I first got the inspiration to write it....I have finally, FINALLY, finished the first draft of Lydia's Letters!!! 

THE END.1 (I know it's a little blurred...but you can see it! THE END!!! I have hidden the final words!)

I am so very excited, elated, even! I can hardly believe it! 

This novel has taken a lot out of me. It has affected me very deeply. I have written and re-written it so many times, from different points of views, with different main characters, that I can hardly remember how many versions I've written to finally reach this one! I feel both deliriously happy, but also a little sad, as I do after having completed any novel or novella.

However, I also feel another thing. I feel anticipation.

You may very well ask me why. And I won't lie. I shall tell you the truth. 

For years now, I had put a self-restriction on my writing. I have told myself that I cannot touch The Perplexing Case of Seraphim Karalis, until I'd finished writing Lydia's Letters. This might not sound like much of a restriction but, believe me, it has been! I have not allowed myself to spend any time on this new novel - [apart from writing a detailed storyline so I can go back to it and, most likely, change it (HA)] - and my fingers have been itching to start! 

So, I am feeling a whirlwind of emotions right now - satisfaction for having finished 'LL', sadness (for the same reason), exhaustion and excitement in equal measures, but also anticipation for the new novel that's been waiting in the sidelines to be born! 

And, to honour this incredible moment, I have opened a bottle of delicious Greek black beer! 



 And, Hallelujah!!! 

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