Unbelievable as it may seem, another year is almost over. And as with all other years that have gone before it, 2013 had much to offer, as well as many lessons to learn. I’d like to take a moment to reflect on all that’s happened in 2013, and to Thank Life for everything it’s given me. I have been blessed with the best family in the world, and the most incredible friends, and for that alone, I'm truly grateful!


But, here is my list of what was great this year (not including family and friends, which always fill me with love and joy!):

  1. 1) We’re living in our own home – and it’s the BEST home EVER!
  2. 2) I finished Lydia’s Letters, my second novel, which I’d been working on for about 10 years! AND I've also finished the 1st & 2nd edits!!! Woo hoo hoo!
  3. 3) I completed my third novel, The Perplexing Case of Seraphim Karalis in about 6 months! (I'm still shocked!)
  4. 4) I painted, again, after 20 years of…nothing! (Nothing less than elation with that accomplishment!)
  5. 5) I managed to spend one whole week alone in the summer! (Last time I did that was 20 years ago!)
  6. 6) I started writing my fourth novel, The Man Who Stole Satie.
  7. 7) I signed a publishing (and translation) contract with a Greek publishing house…and then it got cancelled. (What an INCREDIBLE lesson that was!)
  8. 8) I think I now make the perfect mashed potatoes! Ha!
  9. 9) I reconnected with a dear friend, Despina, whom I hadn’t seen in over 10 years, and she's still as lovely as ever!
  10. 10) Another dear friend, Tricia, came to visit me and we went on a writing retreat in the mountains! Four blissful days!
  11. 11) I’ve laughed a LOT this year.
  12. 12) I managed to visit my birth city, Thessaloniki,…and I’ve fallen in love with it, again!
  13. 13 ) I think I’ve become a little more patient….I think…..
  14. 14) I’ve also finally learnt a very BIG lesson: Letting Go!
  15. 15) I feel more connected than I’ve ever felt before.
  16. 16) We all decorated the Christmas tree together, and I loved that! (Last year, because we were moving, we had no tree, and I felt like I'd missed a Christmas.)

And so, I’ll end this post, (most likely the last one for 2013), with immense gratitude and hope in my heart!

Thank you, 2013! You have been a great teacher.

And…WELCOME 2014! I’m ready to receive all you have to offer!

I wish you all a truly magical New Year, full of inspiration, imagination, much laughter, love, lovely surprises and may your dreams come true!

À bientôt!! x

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