Yes! My new novel, The Man Who Stole Satie is a few hundred words short of 62,000!! I'm so happy! 

My characters are continuing to surprise me and take on a life of their own, but I've learnt from the past to listen to them now...even if I think I know them, I usually don't, and they guide me in just the right direction. Especially one character, Madeleine Durant, my artist. She is far darker than I ever gave her credit for. Interesting.

I am also thrilled because, as with previous novels, useful information appears as if out-of-the-blue! If I need something, it comes my way, and I am so grateful for that!

Even though the novel is not finished, yet, I want to thank two wonderful friends for all their help along the way...two Alexandras, in fact...Alexandra Pel and Alexandra Tsakona!

Alexandra Tsakona gave me access to incredible books on Erik Satie, via the music library of The Athens Concert Hall, which, in turn, helped me discover the most fascinating facts about the man himself--what a unique and eccentric character he was!! Being able to get a hold of these precious books meant finding out that I'm going about this novel in the right way. so, thank you, Alexandra!

And Alexandra Pel has guided me on everything to do with painting, and how to discover/track down lost works of art by various artists of the past! My art historian in the novel has been closelybased on her, so, if for no other reason than the fact that she'd given me permission to turn her into fiction, I thank her tremendously!

Thank you, ladies! Your help is invaluable! I couldn't write this novel without you!

And so the work continues! Being this close to the end, and yet having some way to go still, I am more restless than usual, but also excited.

Watch this space...hopefully news of the novel being finished soon(ish)!

Bye for now!


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